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Mar 15, 2012

I keep seeing all these people complain about Petsmart Grooming,and I for one am tired of it.I understand there are bad groomers and Im not denying the fact that some groomers can have attitudes and not care and should be fired.

BUt 8 out of 10 times, its the customers. 1.Just because its "customer service" dosent mean they have "Im your ***" stapled to their name tags. So treat people like you want to be treated. 2.

If your dog is matted, it gets shaved. DO you know what goes into dematting? Its a painful process, it irritates the skin and the only way to remove mats is to RIP them out. Yes I said RIP, theres no "magic spray" that removes knots and tangles and if your groomer says there is, they are lying plain and simple.

Dogs need to be COMBED daily, not brushed but combed with a metal comb. Thats the ONLY way to prevent matting. 3. THere is no way a groomer can make your dog sick, dont take your dog someplace and not have the proper protection/shots.

4. Its very easy to miss fleas at home. Unless you have a flea comb, they are tricky little buggers and will do whatever it takes to be unnotices. Even crawing into your dogs butt/vulva/eyes/ears/nose/mouth They dont just sit on your dogs back and shout, "HERE I AM!".

5. Im sorry if the groomers dont know you by your name, YOU ARE NOT SPECIAL. I know you think you are but trust me, the two seconds before you walk in, the groomers are asking eachother, "who is this?" "do you know him/her?". 6.

If you bought a Goldendoodle, labradoodle, morkie, cockapoo are an ***. THere are no breed clips, so dont ask. THey arnt breeds, they are mutts, point blank. Ask the AKC 7.

If you bought a teacup are an ***. Teacup= runt and you just paid hundreds extra for a dog that WILL have health issues, dumb ***. 8. If your dog bites,then IT BITES.

If you ask how your dog did and the groomer says "uhhhhhh" or "ummm" or "well..." or " he dosent like it" then your dog IS A PIECE OF ***. It may be your baby and shouldnt *** you but your sweet precious angel cake has no issue biting somebody else. If your dog bites I guarentee every single last person in that salon hates it and is secretly wishing you never came back. More often than not, people dont know how much of a douch their dog is because groomer grin and bear it but next time your dog gets groomed and the groomer is scratched up, bandages or they just look mad in general and you notice something is wrong with your haircut(example, nails arnt done), assume your dog is bad, I know its hard And if you dont believe me, next time your dog is groomed, watch.


Thats becuase the dog doesnt know anybetter and grooming is a learning experience. It may be scared or nervous and should not be forced. I know you think your dog is special and will do perfect the first time, but believe me, its not. 10.

IF you want to dispute the price, take your *** elsewhere. 11. if your dog is in heat, DO NOT GET HER GROOMED. That is disgusting and the dog dosent feel well.

Would you go to your gyno on your period you dirty, inconsiderate a hole? Would you get a wax? Arnt you in a crappy mode when you are on your cycle? And a humping dog IS NOT cute or funny.

Let me come to your job and hump your arm while you type! 12. COMMUNICATION COMMUNICATION COMMUNICATON. Read everything before you sign.

Make sure you know exactley whats going on. Dont say "well just do whatever" then get mad at the result. Groomers arnt mind readers. YOU need to be specific, what may look good to the groomer and random Joe over there may not look good to you.

If there is a problem, please let your groomer know. dont come on some website like this and blow things way out of proportion. MAny groomers aim to please and will try to make it right. 13.

Your dogs nails need to be clipped every 4-6 weeks or they will grow into the paw pad. The quick will also continue to grow and cannot be cut. Dont bring your dog in after 6 months and then *** that they arnt short enough. AND FINIALLY 14.

IF YOU HAVE KIDS, KEEP THEM AWAY FROM THE WINDOW. ITs not funny when your bad children are banging against the glass, it freaks the dogs out. DOnt hold your dog up to the window and wave and point. I guarantee, your dog dosent care and neither do the groomers.

If you see the dog is excited, walk away.

Dont be a *** and knowing disturb the dog becuase if the dog jumps and gets cut, everybody has a bad day and your child is now tramatized because he saw puppys leg bleeding!I was a groomer, so I know how it feels to be in their shoes and if anybody reading this wants to dispute me.......come at me bro

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Jun 09 Jackson, Wyoming

Oh my god I love this its so true and funny. I'm tired of all these prissy little s**** and the ire *** about how their "poor little princess" didn't get a perfect haircut! I mean seriously its not like the dog actually cares

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ShutTheFuckUp GroomerBoy

Jun 04 Manhattan, New York

Hey angryman,
Go SuckaDogDick you arrogantFucktardedCumbreath.
You hate your job. People hate you. Even your mom looks at you and wishes she would have given head that awful night you were conceived.

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Jun 05

Gotta love internet tough guys

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Jun 03

Wow. You just successfully convinced me to never use petsmart. Apparently the groomers hate their jobs.

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Apr 29

I worked as a bather then trained as groomer at a petsmart, and it sucks. The *** one groomer has to go through, ungrateful, champagne on a beer budget clients, sooo many rules and regulations that one questions why even have grooming, and YES THEY ARE QUANTITY OVER QUALITY! The worse part is the cut throat mentality among the other groomers. I have personally seen dogs erased and replaced by groomers cause it was either high dollar or super obedient. Bad and obnoxious dogs were always given to new groomers out of training, and the manager has messed up a haircut on purpose to hopefully rid of it ever coming back. Money money money is all petsmart cares about and will do anything to keep you coming even if it means you get it for free. Which means groomer gets nothing for the effort put in on the groom, be it a good dog, or a dog from *** that needs gentle sedation. Petsmart is a joke and there are hidden uglies, reusing towels, toothbrushes, dirty pee filled cages to save time and money, dirty water bowels moved from one pet to another, injuries that look like bruises, hung dogs from v-dryer cause the bather is just a fresh out of high school need money type. Its always packed with 30 or more so dogs and more on the way, barkers upsetting the nervous ones. Its not were pets are family, its were pets go to be put through ***. I quit cause it was just too much. Too much sell sell sell, and being over booked even after I asked to please stop. I was told you dont... Show more

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Mar 11

I'm a groomer and your my hero

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Feb 06 Cambridge, Ontario

I've never had a problem with my dogs at any groomers specially when it was their first time. It's because I took the time and energy since they were puppies to teach them how to be calm when getting groomed, getting their nails done and making sure their fur never gets matted without being at the groomers. I only do it as a treat so they can have the day in the dog spa. I disagree with a lot of people saying 'Its the groomers fault' I always question them on that reasoning. I mean anyone can be a groomer for dogs (I should know bc I am not a trained professional) but I read on the basics of grooming and trimming and learn from just being there.
Good post :)

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cat luver

Oct 20, 2013

I totally believe this groomer. People want to tell a groomer how to do their job. They think because the live with the dog, that the dog will act that way with a stranger in a strange environment with loud clippers and dryers and other strange animals. Don't blame the groomer for your dogs behavior. The delivery is a bit rou :p gh but the groomer ma :roll kes sense

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Oct 07, 2013

you effing awesome. and what you said is the strait truth. i ws never a groomer so i don't now what its like to be in there shoes but *** it must not be too fun when the precious little darling wont sit still when your washing them and now your walking around in wet shoe the rest of the day. if you want to complain about something you need to go into your bathroom turn the light on look in the mirror and then start you b**** because no one cares. what groomers go though on a daily basis you truly don't understand unless you wake up ever morning knowing that someone is going to come post there complaining s*** ANYWHERE. your not the one going home covered in hair and wet and in a crappy mood because people feel it is okay to look down on you like your nothing. so next time you want B***** go look in the mirror and think about treating your self the way you treat those people who are trying to do the best that they can with someone else's dog that will leave a scar that they have to live with the rest of there life. and if you have nothing to say but bad thing about a place then WHY IN THE *** DO YOU KEEP GOING BACK. why you can answer that think about the fact that its your own *** fault your so unhappy with it. if you don't like something don't go back.

and remember your suppose to treat others the way you want to be treated. one smile can make a *** of a difference in the way people react to you. so wake up and smell the roses.

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Sep 27, 2013 Denver, Colorado

I WORKED at PetsMart as well as other groomers so this is my professional opinion from the inside: PetsMart is HORRIBLE! Do not blame the customers because you not knowing how to deal with them.

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Sep 25, 2013 Knoxville, Tennessee

I have my dogs groomed at Pet Smart and I have been to lots of other groomers as well. Pet Smart does the BEST job. My dogs have never looked better than when they leave there. I know the job is hard, it takes a special person to do it. I think its a bit harsh to complain about the dogs, after all it is the career you chose, and I don't hear trash ppl complain about the trash I throw out, or my doctor complaining because I am sick or grouchy. If you don't like what you do then you should quit. I can see all the other problems with the glass and children, and I know ppl are very touchy when it comes to their pets, worse than their children by far. All breeds are difficult and I have never heard of a groomer that only does specific breeds, I am sorry schnauzers cuts are difficult for you but it really depends on the dog, not the breed. Anyone that has a pet that is matted shouldn't have the right to complain at all, and if they are told that from the beginning and they know whats coming, then they wouldn't complain. I understand what you are saying but some of these things sound kind of harsh for the particular profession you have chosen

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Aug 14, 2013 Burlington, Ontario

absolutely true, every bit of it!

i do agree with post below, some matts can be brushed out... SOME! but it takes time, to much time, to do it!

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Aug 03, 2013

These are the most interesting facts about being a dog groomer I have ever read!!! You go man! I don't work for corp.... So the only difference is- those little kids that bang on the window..... Dont have that. I agree with your statements and it sounds like u do love grooming, so keep up the work and enjoy life making dogs beautiful!

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May 22, 2013

Pets mart teaches their groomers to groom for quantity NOT quality. I work as a groomer and was trained per AKC. Mats are hard to get out but NOT impossible. Most mats can me taken out without causing pain to the dog it just requires you to know how to do it correctly and have the time. I agree that some people just want to complain because they are unhappy people but calm the f down. You are NOT the only person that works with customers. If you don't like it don't do it. Their are plenty of people that would lobe to have a job to pay the bills and wouldn't *** about it. There are no standards of grooming on cross breeds but usually the dog looks more like one breed and you cut him that way OR you educate the customer. Trust me i have had many of people bring their pets to me due to the groomers at pets mart and pet co not knowing how to do something correctly and seriously injuring their dog. So don't act like it's ALWAYS the customers fault because it definitely is NOT. You must do a real crappy job if you get enough complaints that you have to *** about it. Not saying that some people complain for no reason.

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Jun 07, 2013

I have also had people bring in their dogs because the "regular" groomer shaved them or did a clean face when they wanted a normal doodle face. I worked a normal groomer before petsmart, so I know there are ways to demat dogs, but you must agree not all matted dogs are created equal. If the dog has a pelt you cant honestly tell me that you would brush that out? Cause you would be lying, that will hurt no matter how gentle you are. And not all petsmart groomers are the same, our salon manager was trained by Sam Kohl in NYC a long time ago, so she knows what she is doing and she has trained everyone else there (I learned from my previous job as well as lots reading and practice)

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Aug 03, 2013 Dallas, Texas

Oh that is complete bull. There you go generalizing that PetSmart is the problem or Petco is the problem. I work in a PetSmart grooming salon, I was trained by PetSmart instructors. They DO NOT teach quantity over quality, that is a groomer choice, some groomers want to have a ridiculous number of dogs to work on so they get paid more regardless of how their finished product looks. There are actually a lot of us working for PetSmart and probably Petco too that aim to deliver the best possible groom regardless of how much or little we are paid to do so. I give my heart and soul to my job and the dogs I work on, heck I had a dog *** my face and as soon as I was healed I called the Pet Parent and asked her to come back in so his groom could be finished and I even threw in some of our more pricey extras free of charges just because I could and I didn't want her to feel like I hated her dog for biting me. So go ahead and read that and tell me again how PetSmart teaches quantity over quality or even safety.

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Apr 18, 2013

I *** LOVE YOU! Wish this could be posted in every salon or a requirement to read before clients bring dogs in! LOL

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Apr 04, 2013

To the original poster: You do express some valid frustrations that groomers experience, just in a very poor manner. I agree with the some comments related to professionalism and education. The original poster sounds like one of the groomers with a bad attitude he/she refers to. Grooming is a business where the customer is not always right. Sometimes the groomer has to risk offending the customer in order to advocate for the dog. If you don't speak up for the dog, then who will? Because they certainly they can't speak for themselves. There is a method of removing matts without "ripping" them out. A skilled groomer can dematt a dog gently and safely depending on the condition of the dog.If the matting is so advanced, it is necessary to shave the dog and start over. But there is a good amount of pulling and tugging that goes along with dematting and not all dogs tolerate this. I like to tell people I can keep the coat as long and fluffy as you want but you need to follow my recommendations. This is evaluated on a case by case basis. When I hear negative stories about groomers I always know there are two sides to every story. I know I often give my professional recommendations which is to get a dog groomed every 4-6 to weeks and it really falls on deaf ears. All I can do is try . I really try to encourage people to get regular visits. Suggesting they alternate between a bath and tidy and then a full haircut is one way you can make it more cost friendly to them.The more... Show more

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