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Will never shop there again. I wanted to return 6 Kong air dog the long ones and exchange it for the large Kong football. I was willing to exchange them for face value the football is cheaper I would have lost money and I didn't mind. I didn't have the invoice anymore since it was quite a while ago and my dog definitely doesn't like those just the football to destroy and that's OK with me. No can do the manager said no. You go to Home depot they... Read more

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Petsmart - Grooming
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These pictures show the before grooming and after grooming of my niece's puppy, Max. A once affectionate and fun-loving dog is now a neurotic mess. He won't come out from under the bed, does not sleep at night, and shakes constantly. This incident happened several days ago, and there has been no change in Max's demeanor. In addition, my niece is a nervous wreck ... She's so worried about her puppy and has stayed awake with him night after... Read more

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Will never shop in this store again. Had an appointment to have my dogs groomed. Showed up on time only to find that they had failed to contact my vet to verify one on dog's vaccinations. Stuff happens, this I can accept; what I don't accept is Pet Smart Employees attitude. When mistakes are made, heartfelt apologies are due; not just words spilling out of mouths. No understanding of customer service, I will never shop there again Read more

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Grooming Salon Today July 23, 2016 I took my 10 month old 4LB Shorkie to Petsmart in Barrhaven as I always do to get groomed. He is special needs and I have made that clear to them since I have been taking him there since 2 months old. He has kidney failure and ataxia which is not contagious and is incurable. The only thing about ataxia is sometimes his legs give out and he just lays down. The groomer that we always went to is great she just... Read more

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We went to buy a tag our dog to Petsmart store on Calgary trail in Edmonton. We had a problem with printing name on the tag using the laser machine in that store. The manager (evening shift Tuesday 19th July, 2016) is not knowledgeable and gave us wrong information about increasing the font size when we told her about our problem. A customer was waiting behind us while we are trying to figure out the problem at the machine. We gave way for that... Read more

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I took my 1-year-old Belgium Malinois for a nail cut and buff. The young lady did not listen to me when checking in and kept talking to her friends instead of me. She treated my dog poorly. Just yelling, No, No, she made him so nervous she was not able to finish his nails. Should of gone to my regular groomer but Pet Smart is cheaper. Now I know why. I will never take him there again. Never. Maybe I was there at the wrong time but they took my... Read more

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went to get a couple fish. was given total ridiculous interrogation as if i was adopting Russian children or something. then was told that i could only have a beta fish because my tank was only five gallons ( I could have told them anything but I was honest) they 'set me up to be insulted'....terrible company policy. THEN they wanted to know if my tank is heated. wwhhaatt???? I have had fish ('tropical' fish) for decades and decades. so... Read more

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I bought a hamster for my daughter from petsmart in orange ca it was the grand opening. The hamsters they had seem sluggish not very active I was told that was we took it home two days later found it dead in the cage .I returned it got store credit went to a different petsmart purchase a hamster. next day it was sleeping all day and night not eating or running around.sadly my daughter found second hamster dead the forth day.took it... Read more

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Omg Worst customer service Ive seen in a long time. Cant believe corporate sales lets this happen. Lack of training? Lack of management? Store? Its like no one cares. If you own this stock. Sell it.

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I have two frenchies that I boarded at the hotel. I was a bit skiddish because I usually board them somewhere else and this was in a time crunch. I'm not a fan of pet hotels that do not have webcams or allow you to see/set up the room for your pet. To me, this means that they are hiding something and don't feel they need to be accountable for any mistreatment. This was definitely the case both times when I boarded my dogs at the one off Bryant... Read more

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