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I went and got my dog groomed at petsmart in concordville pa. The manager was the one who groomed my dog. It was the worst hair cut. The lady was rude, snotty and didn't care at all about my dog. I don't understand how they could have someone who I seen dragging a dog by the neck as a manager. Petsmart allows this lady to abuse dogs! She wasn't friendly and made my dog feel very nervous. Please if anyone sees this do not go there ! I have called... Read more

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This regards Petsmart in Valley Stream, NY. Everytime I've been there, all the cages for small animals are ALWAYS EMPTY. Why have cages if you NEVER have any animals to sell?? On 2 different occasions, I went there looking to buy an aquarium and some fish. Not one employee there offered to help. And it's not like you can help yourself to some fish, they're supposed to help you. They don't. Recently I went to return an item I purchased for... Read more

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  • Petsmart
  • May 18
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Took my dog to Petsmart for a grooming or I should say a bath and sanitary groom when I picked up my dog he look like he barely got a bath and trimmed around the groin they were supposed to brush out all the loose hair when I got home I brushed him and got a hairball about the size of a bowling ball obviously they never brushed him out $45 wasted. Add comment

when ever i come in to buy fish i get the third degree. how big's my tank? how many fish do i already have? i need to buy 3 or more because they're schooling fish. My fish preferences are no one's business but mine. if i ask your opinion than feel free to let me know. other than that stop with the inquisition. i'm sure it's company policy that your employees have to do this so i'm not complaining about your employees, i'm complaining about your... Read more

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Look out for their website. I placed an ordered online a couple months back, used a giftcard and tried to place another order yesterday only to be told I had NO balance on my card. I was supposed to have 76.76 traced to fraudulent use. They want me to waste my time filing with my local law enforcement. This problem happened on their website. In my eye's petsmart is responsible. Just be careful.Needless to say they lost a customer. Read more

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I don't think being in a kennel all day should be referred to as "Doggy Day Camp". I've spent hundreds of dollars at this business and in return, I get disrespected and lied to. I don't pay $18/day to have my dog sit in a kennel for 8 hours. The only reason I found this out, is because I saw her pacing around anxiously through the window in her kennel. When I asked him why she was in there, he told me that they didn't have enough "big dogs" for... Read more

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  • Petsmart
  • May 06
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My dog was injured during his grooming sessions and I thought maybe it was that specific store so I went to another store but they still hurt him Add comment

Hi, my name is Amanda and i had a terrrible expirience at your store listed above. I walked in to look at baby bearded dragons because i was looking for another one to acccompany my beardie at home. i noticed that there was an extremely skinny dragon in front of the cage, i quickly asked an employee "Hey, i dont mean to be "that person" but i would appreciate if you chekced on this bearded dragon for me, he hasnt breathed or moved in a while and... Read more

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I bought a hamster cage and the cage wasn't even full. It said there would be 4 attaching corners to stabilize the cage, but there were only 3. There were supposed to be 2 cage attachers, but there was only one! F*** you petsmart! Add comment

I found this because I was also treated badly at the Gunbarrel Petsmart just a few minutes ago. I was looking for a complaint page on the Petsmart business page but only found a place for comments relating to other issues. I did find a telephone number and left a message there. Basically, My problem started when I need an item that was locked in a glass security case. While standing there I had an employee walk down the isle I was on headed for... Read more

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